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Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Jersey Supreme Court Denies The State's Request For Delay

FlagAs I have previously discussed, New Jersey Judge Mary C. Jacobson recently ruled that New Jersey must allow gay couples to wed beginning October 21. Governor Chris Christie‚Äôs administration has  appealed the decision to a higher court. On Friday, the Supreme Court of New Jersey rejected the state's request to prevent same-sex marriages. The Supreme Court will hear the appeal in January. In the interim, the Supreme Court rejected the delay in the enactment of the lower court decision. The court reasoned, "The State has presented no explanation for how it is tangibly or actually harmed by allowing same-sex couples to marry. It has not made a forceful showing of irreparable harm." 


Some wedding ceremonies have already been scheduled for Monday at 12:01 am. Executive director of gay- rights activists group explained that this decision means "the door is open for love, commitment and equality under the law."

See Jason Hanna and Kevin Wang, Court: Same-sex Marriages Can Start Monday in New Jersey, CNN,  Oct. 18, 2013.


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