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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Widow Conned by Clairvoyants


In a series of events fit for a soap opera, Andrea Walker was recently victim to a psychic family’s scheme.

Walker and her millionaire husband had owned and operated the Hazlewood Castle in Yorkshire, which they had converted into a hotel.  They sold the hotel after her husband decided to leave her.  After later learning her estranged husband had six months to live after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a distraught Walker visited a physic’s store in Manhattan. 

Once physic Nancy Marks, known to Walker as “Kate Michaels,” learned Walker had about $2 million from the sale of her hotel, she labeled the money as “tainted.”  She told Walker to give her “sacrifice payments” and follow a laundry list of instructions in order to prolong her husband’s life.

Even though Walker paid her over $100,000 in payments, her husband died six months after his diagnosis.  That’s when Walker discovered he left her nothing in his will and gave a younger woman who had worked at the hotel permission to use his frozen sperm to father a child. 

Walker wished to prevent the woman from conceiving through in vitro fertilization, so Nancy directed her to give more money to a psychic specializing in this area named “Joyce Michael,” who was really Nancy’s mother-in-law, Rose Marks.  

Rose is now on trial in West Palm Beach for fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy.

See Paula McMahon, Widow Says Psychic Promised Help in Battle Over Late Husband’s Frozen Sperm, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Sept. 2, 2013.


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