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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CLE on Trust Accounting in New York

CLEThe Educational Arm of the Suffolk County Bar Association is offering a seminar entitled, Fundamentals of Trust Accounting Income & Principal Rules Under the Revised New York State Laws, on Friday, September 20, 2013.  Provided below is a description of the event:

Many practitioners are not familiar with the revised accounting rules that apply to trusts that are subject to New York State law. If you draft trust documents or prepare trust returns, you have to be aware of the trust accounting income and principal rules in New York and understand how the rules apply to trust accountings and to fiduciary income tax reporting positions.

In addition, the significant changes in the definition of trust accounting income under New York State law grants the trustee certain discretionary rights in determining the amount of trust accounting income that is paid to an income beneficiary.

If you are involved in preparing trust documents or trust income tax returns or income tax returns for a trust beneficiary, you will want to enhance your understanding of the trust accounting rules by attending this program. 

The presenter, Seymour Goldberg, will provide a comprehensive 140-page manual entitled Fundamentals of Trust Accounting income and Principal Rules under the Revised New York State Laws containing over 110 examples to help you in your practice. The manual will be given to registrants, at no extra cost, as part of the course materials.


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