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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Illinois Lawyer Faces Discipline Yet Again

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Barrington attorney Steven Miner faces disciplinary action for writing his two children into the will of an elderly client and stealing his money.  In 2004, Miner had Glenn Burren, an old friend and client, sign a typewritten will giving Miner’s children 40% of Burren’s estate.  Burren also gave Miner power of attorney and gave him checks totaling $500,000.  After Burren’s children contested the will and tried to recover the half million, a Cook County judge ordered Miner to repay the estate $700,000.

Miner was previously disciplined in 1998 for forging the names of a client’s children on a property deed.  In 2009, Miner filed a “bad mothering” lawsuit against his ex-wife alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress on their children for offenses such as a poorly chosen birthday card, a below-average homecoming dress, failing to visit a car show with their daughter, and threatening to call the police on their son for not buckling up.  The lawsuit was dismissed by an appeals court after two years of litigation.

See Steve Schmadeke, ‘Bad Mothering’ Attorney Faces State Discipline, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 11, 2013.


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