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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elder Law Conflicts of Interest In The US and Canada

Elderly peopleConflicts of Interests often occur within the the elder law context, which can be a problem considering that it often involves people with disabilities.  Regardless of the problems that could occur within this context, there is little discussion about the issues that could arise from conflicts of interest in elder law. Within American elder law, issue of conflicts of interest are prominent. "From an international perspective, a perception may be created of elder law as a peculiarly American practice area, and one which is rife with real and potential conflicts that elder law practitioners—and those who would export the model—may prefer to ignore." Unfortunately, this perception has stunted the growth of the field elder law in an international context, one which still does not translate to other non-American jurisdictions. Thus, as the discussion develops some hope that will help develop elder law as a topic.

See James H. Pietsch & Margaret Hall, Elder Law” and Conflicts of Interest in the United States and Canada, 117 Penn St. L. Rev. 1191 (2013).

Special thanks to Katherine Pearson (Professor of Law, Penn State University - The Dickinson School of Law) for bringing this article to my attention.


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