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Friday, April 5, 2013

Orangeburg County Sues Late Sheriff's Fiancee and Her Place of Employment

Unknown-2Sheriff Larry Williams was a 53-year-old serving his third term as sheriff when he passed away in September 2010. He left behind an estate with an estimated net worth of $637,484.  In his will, he named his fiancee, Ivadella Walters as personal representative of his estate.

Last year, Orangeburg county sued Walters and the credit union where she worked, claiming that they were partly responsible for Williams stealing government funds. When Williams died and the new sheriff, Leroy Ravenell, took over, he turned up 11 bank accounts that had not been included in previous financial statements. 

The county's lawsuit accused Walters of helping WIlliams open several unauthorized accounts at the Credit Union she worked at, South Carolina Federal Credit Union. When the county discovered the accounts, they contained a total of $222,382. 

Last month's settlement said that the parties reached an agreement so that they could avoid more litigation.  Walters has denied being involved and says it was the county's responsibility to supervise his accounts.  The credit union also denied wrongdoing, stating that Williams was authorized to use the funds. 

See Lee Hendren, County Getting $70,000 in Lawsuit Over Late Sheriff's Estate, The Tand D.com, Apr. 5, 2013.


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