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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 10 Stories From "The Trust Advisor" In 2012

Scott MartinScott Martin (Senior Editor, The Trust Advisor) recently published an article entitled, The 10 Biggest Trust Advisor Stories of 2012, Dec. 23, 2012. Please visit their website to get the complete list of their most popular articles this year, with links and a small summary of the articles. Provided below is the introduction to his article from The Trust Advisor.

Over the last 12 months, the Trust Advisor has evolved from a niche-oriented weekly email letter into a full-fledged wealth management industry news source.

Thank you for your attention and for all the feedback over the last year. We have a lot planned for you in 2013. I think you’re going to like it. If not, let us know!

Once again, you showed us that you’re hungry for advanced multi-generational financial planning stories, especially if they have a celebrity twist. And given the election year and looming financial cliff, any coverage from Washington was extremely popular.

However, picking the iconic stories of 2012 was tougher than usual simply because we grew so much over the course of the year.

We published four times as much content as we did last year and our subscriber list grew enormously.

Because of that, simply adding up the raw readership numbers would weigh the list unfairly toward stories we’ve published over the last few months – there are just that many more of you now than there were back in February.

So what I’ve done here is figure out what proportion of our subscribers at the time were reading a particular story when it came out.

That way, if you’re new around here, you can get a better sense of the breadth of what we cover. And if you’ve been reading all along, you can review a few old favorites.


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