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Friday, December 21, 2012

Surviving Twin Sister Plans to Marry the Man Convicted of Killing Her Sister

Unknown-3Victor Cingolani is serving a 13-year sentence for murdering girlfriend Johana Casa in August 2010, but he insists that he is innocent, and Johana's twin sister plans to marry him on Friday in his prison in Santa Cruz province.  

The mother of the twins has vowed to do everything she can to prevent Edith, the surviving twin, from marrying Cingolani.  The mother wants to have her examined by a psychiatrist because she believes she does not know what she is doing.  Edith maintains that she is fully aware of what she is doing, continues to insist on Cingolani's innocence and accuses her mother of abandoning her and her sister.  

See Agence France Presse, An Argentine Woman is Planning To Marry the Convicted Killer of Her Twin Sister, Business Insider, Dec. 20, 2012. 

Special thanks to Brian Cohan (Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Brian J. Cohan, P.C.) for bringing this article to my attention.


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