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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Attorney Michael Santucci Helps Settle Bob Marley Trademark Infringement Case

Michael SantucciAs I have previously discussed, the trademark infringement case involving Bob Marley's name came to a close after the attorneys from both parties agreed to settle. The case was settled thanks to the assistance of an attorney from Fort Lauderdale, Florida by the name of Michael Santucci. Mr. Santucci represented Richard Booker, Bob Marley's brother, and several other parties, including the Bob Marley Movement of Jah People and the Bob Marley Heritage Foundation. The case was difficult because it involved several different aspects of intellectual property law and many different personal aspects that threatened the legacy of Marley and his family. Following the resolution of the case, Mr. Santucci stated that "'[f]rom what I learned about Bob Marley and his intentions, he would be happy with our recent achievements, especially the peace brought to the family.'" 

However, the good outcome from the Marley case should come as no surprise considering that Mr. Santucci has helped resolve other high profile cases in the past. Mr. Santucci was part of the team that litigated the All Pro Sports Camps, Inc. v. Walt Disney Company case in 2002. That case ended with a court granting a rather large verdict of $240 Million for his clients. More recently, Mr. Santucci finished settling a dispute between Ultra Music Festival and Ultra Records before he took on the Marley case. Reportedly, Mr. Santucci and the opposing counsel worked endlessly for 13.5 hours overnight to bring the case to a resolution. 

If you are interested in the specifics of Bob Marley Trademark Infringement case or any of his other activities, please visit Mr. Santucci's blog here. There are particular blogs that about the Marley case that a person can read about on his blog, including an article discussing his entrance into the case and an article discussing when both parties settled.

See Attorney Michael Santucci Helps Settle Bob Marley Family Dispute, PRWeb, Dec. 3, 2012; see also Bob Marley's Family Settles Fishy Trademark Suit, Mon!, TMZ, Dec. 2, 2012.


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