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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Personalized Haunted House May Be the Spookiest One Around

ImagesOne of the most haunting moments of "A Christmas Carol" is when Ebeneezer Scrooge looks down at a freshly dug grave that bears his name.  Haunted house creator, Steve Kopelman, has invoked some creative uses of technology to bring this fear to life in his latest haunted house. 

Good Morning America has already dubbed The Nest haunted house as the spookiest place in America.  This year, he is improving upon his already spooky creation with RFID technology.  Visitors to the Nest can choose to answer some text message questions that reveal their name, birth date, and access to their Facebook accounts. Those who select this option will receive a lanyard that has an RFID tag attached, which will create a more personalized experience.  

For those who allow the Nest access to their information and Facebook accounts, the beginning of the Nest experience leads visitors through a dark maze where they will hear eerie voices calling out their names.  Then an extremely loud noise sounds and a photo is snapped of the visitor and that photo of their startled or scared expression is posted to their Facebok account.   Then the visitor encounters a tombstone that bears their name, birthdate, and that day's date as the date of death.  An image of this tombstone is also automatically posted to Facebook. 

As the visitor continues through the haunted house, there are pictures on the wall, some of which have been pulled from their Facebook albums.  In some of the photos, the visitors are made to look like zombies.  These photos are also posted to Facebook.  These photos that post to the visitor's wall serve as a memento of their visit to the house and also as advertisements for Kopelman's haunted attraction.  

While some may think that these advanced technological personalizations are too much, Kopelman notes that there were other crazy ideas that the creators thought of then abandoned.  For example, they considered having the technology call visitors' cell phones as they drive away and say, "Look in your rearview mirror."  The creators decided against this because they thought visitors should get some peace once they leave the haunted house. 

See Minda Zetlin, Inside the Quest to Build the Scariest Haunted House, Inc., Oct. 31, 2012. 

Special thanks to Jim Hillhouse (Professional Legal Marketing (PLM, Inc.)) for bringing this article to my attention.


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