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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ways to Plan for Your Digital Assets

Images-2As I have previously blogged about, estate planning for your digital assets is becoming increasingly important. Social network accounts can get hacked, and it can be an emotional and time consuming ordeal for family members to get those networks closed.  Digital estate planning can address that concern along with others including what do do with online Paypal or cloud storage accounts. 

A simple solution is to write down all accounts with their accompanying passwords and login information. But then you will have to be sure to constantly update this document any time you change passwords or create new accounts. There are a few other websites that can be helpful in digital estate planning:

DeadmansSwitch.net: This site lets you send emails after your death.  For example, you could set up an email to be sent to your executor with passwords and accounts. To determine when to send the emails, the service will send you an email to confirm you are alive. If you do not reply to that email in 60 days, the site presumes you are dead and sends your stored emails.

SecureSafe.com: This site adds cloud to the solution above. You can upload documents to files, and you assign a beneficiary to each file.  Upon your death, these files will be sent to the designated beneficiaries.

The Digital Beyond: This site discusses all news related to digital estate planning.

See Bob Rankin, Do You Have A Digital Estate Plan?, Ask Bob Rankin, 2012.

Special thanks to Russell R. Winer (Attorney at Law) for bringing this article to my attention.  


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