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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Modern Day Oedipus Problem

MarriageA woman recently received devastating news about her family. Valerie Spruill learned that the man she called her husband was her actually biological father too. What makes this particularly story sad and troubling is that she only found out because a member of her own family told her. She discovered the truth about six years after her husband's death. Spruill confirmed the allegations made by other family members through a DNA test. She obtained several strands of her late-husband's hair to run the DNA test.

Spruill believes that she has suffered from an assortment of medical problems, including diabetes and two stokes, as a result of learning the family secret. Now, Ms. Spruill is left to sort through a battery of questions about her life, which she wants to pen in a story that she hopes to publish one day. She gives credit to God for getting her through this difficult time in her life.

See Chelsea J. Carter, Secret Revealed: Ohio Woman Unknowingly Married Father, CNN, Sept. 21, 2012.


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