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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Krueger & Slesnick on Worklife Expectancy

Kurt Krueger & Frank Slesnick has co-authored Total Worklife Expectancy Download Total_Worklife_Expectancy_Krueger_Slesnick_April_2014.  The abstract provides:

This paper appends the standard Markov increment-decrement worklife

expectancy model used in forensic economics to measure the years that people

perform the non-market work of taking care of their homes or families. We find

that adding non-market working years to the worklife model nearly equalizes

men and women's estimated lifetime total working years. The paper begins

with the gender-related problems of solely using labor force worklife tables as a

tort compensation determinant. We then present demographic characteristics

of persons that perform full-time, non-market work. A Markov life table model

that incorporates two work activities (market and non-market work) is specified—

we name the sum of market and non-market working years “total worklife

expectancy.” Ending the paper are examples of using total worklife expectancy

as a tort compensation estimator.


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