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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Defamation Lawsuit Over Law Review Article

The National Law Journal reports that a New Jersey banker, Robert Catalanello, has sued Associate Dean Zachary Dean (Arizona State), for defamation and invasion of privacy based on Dean's 2011 law review article, "Of Meat and Manhood."  Dean's aricle analyzes a discriminaion lawsuit brought against Catalanello by a former employee.   The suit also names the law review (Wash U St. Louis), and Western New England School of Law, where Dean lectured on the article.


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Hmm. It is a pretty atrocious case but if the allegations were true, then why didn't he win the lawsuit? Or did he? If Zachary Dean made no lies or fabrications about Catalanello's behavior then im not sure that he has a case. This case definitely seems relevant considering the debates about privacy laws spurred by the New York newspapers showcasing all the registered gun owners. Just because court records are available, should that mean they should be readily accessible to everyone when there is not clear criminal behavior? Itll be interesting to see where the courts will draw the line

Posted by: Tiffany K | Jan 8, 2013 9:41:12 AM

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