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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tort Reform Bills Advance in AZ, MN

In Arizona, the Economic Development and Jobs Creation Committee approved a bill that would exempt manufacturers from claims for punitive damages if they followed all federal, state, or agency standard for creating a product.  The bill moves to the full Senate.  The Arizona Republic has the story.

In Minnesota, the House last week passed several tort reform measures.  The measures, which passed largely on party-line votes, include:

• Reducing Minnesota's statute of limitations, the time limit for filing suit, from six years after the incident to four years.

• Allowing an early appeal to question the class-action status of large suits, in an attempt to weed out frivolous actions.

• Limits on attorney fees in certain cases, such as wrongful termination or sexual harassment, where state law requires the fees be paid as part of the lawsuit.

• Reducing the interest rate on judgments that remain unpaid while a case proceeds. The current 10 percent rate would be reduced to a market-based rate no lower than 4 percent.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has the story.


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