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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gripping Supreme Court Legal Thriller...By An Insider

Last-justice-225  Okay, so this is not torts-related, but I simply had to mention the release of The Last Justice, written by my good friend Anthony Franze.  Anthony is a lawyer with Arnold & Porter's Appellate & Supreme Court practice and his novel is set in the high court with the Solicitor General as the main character.  

Advance reviews already have raved that the book is reminiscent of "early Robert Ludlum," and have praised Anthony as the next John Grisham:  

"Bristling with fascinating insider details, The Last Justice by Anthony J. Franze is a rare legal thriller—authentic, exciting, and beautifully written. From little-seen Supreme Court chambers to elite boardrooms and darkened bedrooms, you'll be swept along on a tidal wave of suspense. Watch out, John Grisham—Franze has arrived, and he's damn good!" 
   —Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author

"A stunning opening, an action-packed, intriguing middle, and a pulse-pounding ending. Who could ask for more from a thriller. Welcome Anthony Franze—a great new voice has entered the genre." 
   —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

"In the style of John Grisham, with the authority of Oliver Wendell Holmes—and with insight to spare—Anthony Franze's legal thriller brings you into Washington's innermost inner sanctums, at a breakneck pace, and with writing so good that you will feel the chill of the marble halls—and the bullets slicing the chilly air around you." 
   —Keith Thomson, New York Times bestselling author

Even the National Law Journal’s Supreme Court correspondent Tony Mauro called the book a “page-turner” that is “downright respectful of the Court, scrupulously accurate in its details about the institution's inner working.”  

Having read the book myself - and having taught a Supreme Court Seminar - I agree with all the praise.  I am biased, I admit, but the book is fantastic!   It strikes an incredible balance of supense with accurate insider details about the Court.  The history and details about the Supreme Court and the SG's Office are so accurate and well written that I could see the book being used as optional reading in an Appellate Practice or Law & Literature course, much the way A Civil Action is used in Civ Pro courses.   

The book is available at your local book store and on-line starting today.   Check it out!


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