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Monday, June 13, 2011

Alabama Passes Tort Reform Measures

According to the Sand Mountain Reporter, Alabama enacted several tort reform measures last week, though the substance of these reforms is very unclear from the article:

Gov. Robert Bentley signed a package on Thursday that included four bills on tort reform. The legislation is the first of its kind in 14 years.  Republican Rep. Wes Long of Guntersville sponsored one of the four bills in the package. Labeled the Alabama Small business Protection Act, Long’s bill will allow retailers and distributors of products to be dismissed from lawsuits dealing with design and manufacturing of the products.

For example, Long said a pharmacy selling a medication that comes under litigation could be excused from the case “if they prove they didn’t touch it.” Under the former law, the pharmacy would be required to stay in the case until it is resolved, he said.

The other reform bills in the package work to make sure lawsuits stay in the correct venue and keep frivolous lawsuits at bay.


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The Alabama legislature passed several bill impacting litigation. While none of the bills specifically limit damages, they do alter a varierty of existing rules and principles. These bills alter the venue rules in wrongful death actions, protect sellers of defective products, adopt Daubert as the standard for scientific experts, and shorten a specific statute of repose. I have included links to each bill in my blog at

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