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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Warning on Chopsticks

Sushi Maki, a Miami-based Japanese restaurant chain, is kind enough to provide diners with chopsticks.  Not uncommon.  However, their chopsticks are far more entertaining than average.  On one side of the wrapper, there are drawings of ways one can use the chopsticks as part of a costume.  For instance, if you have both chopsticks behind your ears, they stick out like horns ("El Diablo"); if you hold them both straight up behind your ears, they look like antennae ("My Favorite Martian").  Here's the torts angle.  On the other side of the wrapper is the warning:

WARNING:  Professional Chopstick Stunt People were used for the drawings above.  In real life, chop sticks are dangerous - even lethal in a ninja warrior's hands.  You could poke your eye out, or tear your rotator cuff or something.  So our lawyers tell us that we have to warn you that they can be dangerous and cause serious physical harm if you use them for anything but eating.  Sushi Maki is not liable for any damage or harm that may come to you from the improper handling of these utensils.  Parents, watch your children closely and please exercise caution.  Or just ask for a fork.  Which could be dangerous too, we guess.  Eating with your hands would be safe, but messy.  Good luck.

Thanks to my research assistant, Ulysses Wilson, for bringing these back from Florida.


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Haha, nice to see a light-hearted, yet complete warning. If I saw these chopsticks while dining out, I would get the message but still appreciate the humor they provide.

Posted by: Wade Coye | Mar 18, 2011 1:31:17 PM

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