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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family of Stowaway Suing

The family of Delvonte Tisdale, a sixteen-year-old who evaded airport security and stowed away in a plane's landing gear, falling to his death in the Boston area, has retained an attorney.  The attorney's statement, issued through a public relations agency, identified his theory of liability:

“The evidence in this case makes it quite clear which party is at fault, and the family has every intention of pursuing legal action of the highest order,” attorney Christopher Chestnut said in a statement released by a public relations firm.

He added “we intend to seek justice for a child who, although culpable for making irresponsible and immature decisions representative of his age, should never have successfully gained access to that airplane. Had airport security been up to par, he would be alive and well with his family today.”


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