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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thailand: New Med Mal Rules

Last year, China passed a new tort liability statute.  Now, Thailand is on the verge of a new system to handle medical malpractice.  The law would create a compensation fund that hospitals would have to pay into that would compensate victims of medical errors.  Many Thai doctors are opposed to the law.  They argue it has flaws that should be addressed before the law takes effect.  Also:

"It means our staff would have to be extra careful during work, which would decrease efficiency," said Somkid Auapisithwong of Thai Federation of Doctors, Main Hospitals and General Hospitals, which looks after the interests of medical practitioners in state hospitals. "We're already very stretched. Some of our nurses have to work almost 365 days. This would add more stress to our staff. They would have to be extra careful with all sorts of risks and this will hinder their work."

Taiwan News has the story.


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Efforts are underway to improve the healthcare system in Thailand but a lot has to be done before we see some concrete results.

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