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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Call for Papers: Disability and Tort Law

Call for Papers
AALS Section on Disability Law
Disability and Tort Law
The Section on  Disability Law will hold a program during the January, 2011 AALS  Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, on Disability and Tort Law.  Disability Law embraces many crucial Tort Law issues, such as the measure of damages for incapacity and disfigurement, the reasonable-person standard as applied to people with physical and mental disabilities, duties of care relative to emotional and physical injuries, the validity of wrongful life claims, and liability standards for intentional infliction of emotional distress on people with disabilities.  Disability Law scholars have made important contributions to the development of the law on these questions, starting with Jacobus tenBroek, whose path-breaking article, The Right to Live in the World: The Disabled in the Law of Torts, 54 Cal. L. Rev. 841 (1966), was published 45 years ago this year.  Due in no small part to the intellectual groundwork of tenBroek and others, in the years since his writing a worldwide disability rights movement has emerged, challenging conventional assumptions about disability and the role of legal institutions as they relate to disability.  As tenBroek realized, disability rights ideas may entail reexamining the goals and operation of tort law in general and in specific application.  This session asks scholars chosen through a call for papers to discuss issues of disability and tort law in an era of disability rights.
The Section on Disability Law seeks proposals for presentations on disability and tort law for the AALS meeting in San Francisco January, 2011.  Proposals should include an abstract of 500 words or fewer, and may be accompanied by a working draft if the proposer chooses.  The section does not plan to publish the papers in a symposium, so presenters are free to seek publication where they wish, though work that will not be published before January 2011 will be strongly preferred..
Deadline for submission is August 31, 2010.  Please email proposals to Mark Weber at  Selections will be made by late September by the Executive Committee of the Section.  Pursuant to AALS policy, presenters will have to cover their own travel expenses and registration fee for the annual meeting, and the Section is prohibited from reimbursing such expenses.  Under AALS rules, only faculty members of AALS member and fee-paid law schools are eligible to submit proposals.  Foreign, visiting and adjunct faculty members, graduate students, fellows and non-law school faculty are not eligible to submit.
Questions should be directed to Mark Weber, 312-362-8808,

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