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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Wacky Warning...

Torts professors frequently become connoisseurs, or at least aficionados, of warning labels.  Knowing this, a colleague brought me the warning label in his copy of Walther P-38 Pistol by Major George C. Nonte.  The book was published in 1975 by Desert Publications. 


The Publisher (Desert Publications) produces this book for informational and entertainment purposes and under no circumstances advises, encourages or approves of use of this material in any manner.

It's sad that the publisher can't even "approve of," never mind "advise" or "encourage," the "use of" the material "in any manner."  The informational and entertainment values of certain portions of the book, such as chapter 3 on "Care and Maintenance" or chapter 4 on "Stripping and Servicing," seem limited. 


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Probably standard verbiage–while the manual for the P-38 is harmless, assuming you have a license for the pistol, other titles from Desert Publications include Alcohol Distiller’s Handbook, Defending Your Retreat: A Manual for Combat After the Collapse, How to Build Silencers, Elementary Field Interrogation, Improvised Explosives for Detonators, How to open handcuffs without keys, Improvised Lock Picks, How to Build Flash/Stun Grenades, and the Black Book of Arson.

In the 90s, a similar publisher was sued because one of their readers didn't read the disclaimer and went and committed a horrible crime anyhow. See The Day They Came to Sue the Book, by David B. Kopel, Reason Magazine, August/September 1999.

Posted by: James Fulford | Nov 30, 2009 11:01:47 PM

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