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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Prosser Notebook is Available Online at Berkeley Law Library

Our regular readers know that a member of my first Torts class was kind enough to share with me the Torts notebook of his grandfather, Leroy S. Merrifield.  Mr. Merrifield's first year at the University of Minnesota Law School was 1938-39, and his professor was William Prosser.  At the time, Prosser was working on Prosser on Torts, which was published in 1941.

Leroy S. Merrifield went on to became a law professor, and teach Torts, at George Washington University Law School.  The notebook, then, provides the thoughts of an eminent torts scholar, in the process of creating arguably the most influential hornbook on torts, as channeled by a student who would go on to become a Torts professor. 

Thanks to the efforts of Berkeley Law archivist William Benemann, the notebook is now available online:

My article analyzing the notebook is available here.


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