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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Better Off Ted and Products Suits

The ABC comedy Better Off Ted this week featured an episode centered on a products liability lawsuit.  In it, the fictional-but-amusing Veridian Dynamics (which has, among other things, created "meat without cows" and "weaponized pumpkins") was sued for a perfume that, according to reports, caused hornets to attack 3 in 5,000 women who wore it.

The episode ("Trust and Consequence") -- which is not available online as of this writing, but likely will be soon at the ABC site -- includes (spoilers!) aspects of discovery (including an explanation about a problematic e-mail going missing), attorneys becoming romantically interested in employees of their adversaries, and a defendant seeking a scapegoat to avoid public anger. 

Plus, it's funny.


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Better off Teds dry, sarcastic, witty humor is exactly what tv needs. I think the idea of a partially insane research company is very amusing to watch. Season 2 has been really good so far.

Posted by: Watch Better Off Ted | Dec 17, 2009 9:20:12 AM

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