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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scorned Husband Sues Wife's Alleged Lover

A new alienation-of-affection case from Jonathan Turley:

Wealthy car dealer Bob Rohrman (known as “Bob Rohrrrrrrr-man” on his commercials) is suing a surgeon, Dr. Sami M. Bittar, who wooed his wife, Ronda.  Of course, Rohrman must show that the couple had a loving and full relationship before Dr. Bittar made a house call and that the good doctor was the cause of the damage to the marriage.

Turley further notes some recent successful alienation cases and the resulting verdicts.


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At least in North Carolina, the threshold for a loving marriage is very low. All that needs to be established is that there was a relationship with some affection, and any alienation will then qualify. No need to prove that the love of the ages was alienated. In one recent case the husband and wife were sleeping in different rooms, and the wife loathed her husband. The court held that since they were still living in the same house that was sufficient to show that there was some affection. Causation is also rather easy to prove. No need to establish that the defendant was the sole cause, only that the third party was a factor in the alienation of affections.

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