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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Plan for 9/11 Dust Cases

New York Law Journal reports that Judge Hellerstein has approved a "road map" for resolving the 9,000 respiratory illness cases in the 9/11 litigation:

A total of 225 of the most severe cases have been selected by two special masters appointed by Southern District of New York Judge Alvin Hellerstein in the litigation brought by more than 9,000 plaintiffs.   Of that group of 225, six cases will soon be selected for what are formally scheduled to be trials but are really a path toward settlement. Two of those sample cases will be selected by New York City, its contractors and other defendants; two more will be selected by attorneys for those who claim injury from the cleanup of toxic materials; and another two will be selected by the judge himself.  Those six cases will then steam forward with full discovery according Hellerstein. By September, they will have been joined in stages by another 24 cases, setting a total of 30 cases on track for the argument of motions beginning in January 2010 and trial readiness by May 2010.

(Via Point of Law).


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