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Monday, March 30, 2009

Oklahoma Debate on Tort Reform

Interesting, if a bit anecdote-heavy, story here.


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Oklahoma is considering tort reform to catch up with Texas and then both can race to the bottom to see who can attract the worst of the worst. The capitation on damages in Texas allows doctors who make the worst medical mistakes to not take financial responsibility. The patient is placed in the position of insuring their own quality of life. Oklahoma should be advertising to the patients to register at their hospitals for surgery; that Oklahoma isn't asking patients to assume responsibility for their mistakes. Tort reform doesn't make the injured patient's quality of life disappear. It's still there, except the injured patient is left without the resources to do anything about improving the quality of their life. Those physicians who make very large expensive mistakes will love Texas for not making them pay when they make a professional mistake. Patients need at the very least a large disability and life insurance policy before they have check into any Texas hospital.

Posted by: Steve Lombardi | Apr 3, 2009 5:25:35 AM

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