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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Settlement in Minnesota School Shooting

In March of 2005, a sixteen-year-old boy shot and killed seven students at Red Lake High School in Minnesota, injuring others, before killing himself.  (He'd also killed his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend earlier in the day.)  Yesterday, a $1.5 million settlement was reached with MacNeil Environmental, a company hired to create a crisis management plan -- a plan the plaintiffs contend was not created in compliance with Department of Education requirements.

That website for MacNeil is interesting, not having been updated since 2000, it seems.  Of note, from the front page:

According to Minnesota Statutes (121A.57) each school board must adopt a district crisis management policy by July 1, 2000. This policy needs to address the process of handling potential violent and/or crisis situations arising within the district.

MacNeil Environmental has developed a comprehensive Crisis Managment [sic] Program to help you meet this requirement in a fast, affordable manner.

To avoid potential regulatory, civil and public relations liabilities associated with crisis situations, contact us...

The $1.5 million is in addition to a settlement of $1 million with the school system.


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