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Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal Injury Roundup No. 7 (9/12/08)

In a world that lost Don LaFontaine, the guy who said "In a world that..." more often than probably else in the world, what can we turn to?  Torts!

Reform, Legislation, Policy

New Lawsuits

  • Class certified and documents unsealed in Zyprexa litigation [TortsProf]
  • Another microwave popcorn lawsuit from a consumer (the second one) [Pump Handle]
  • Another Crocs/escalator lawsuit []
  • New suit against a doctor by third party injured by patient []; earlier on TortsProf.

Trials, Settlements & Other Ends

  • Vaccine Act preempts tort claims [Mass Tort Litigation Blog]
  • $8 million in suit against San Diego police (30% at fault will reduce) []


  • Second-hand asbestos suit can proceed [CNN Money].
  • Maryland court says no pharma duty to third party injured by someone taking the drug [Drug & Device Law Blog].

Experts & Science


  • This video was well-received in my class this week [] (also read the comments.
  • This video represented probably the end of my fantasy football season, but also could help with a discussion of consent [Deadspin].
  • What lawyers involved with Halloween attractions think about (a few years too late -- my first Torts exam was set in part in a haunted house!) [Bloloop].
  • Health concerns remain, seven years later [Mass Tort Litigation Blog].


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Youtube videos can illustrate a lot of legal distinctions. There is so much tortious and criminal content.

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