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Friday, June 6, 2008

Lawsuit Filed By Theme Park Actor Shot By Coworker

Wild West City, located in the wild west lands of New Jersey, "recreates 1880s life in Dodge City, Kansas," complete with shootouts.  A couple of years ago, Scott Harris, an actor/stuntman at the park, was playing a part in one of the shootout shows, and got shot by a coworker.  Only problem: he got shot with a real bullet.

The shooter, a then-17-year-old Sussex County high school student who also was a cowboy actor, accidentally loaded a .22-caliber revolver, which was owned by the theme park, with real bullets instead of blanks while running late for the shootout skit. Another actor, who has not been criminally charged, brought into a locker room two boxes of ammunition -- one with blanks, one with live rounds he had fired at a shooting range, authorities had said.

The teen mistakenly took some of the real bullets, not knowing they weren't blanks, authorities had said. He pleaded guilty in May 2007 to causing bodily injury with a deadly weapon, and was sentenced to six months of a probation program, with charges dismissed upon successful completion.

Harris filed suit against the park yesterday.


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