Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crimtorts Symposium Issue

The Crimtorts symposium issue of the Widener Law Journal is rolling off the presses.  The articles are available below:

Christopher J. Robinette, Introduction (Available through SSRN)

Kenneth W. Simons, The Crime/Tort Distinction:  Legal Doctrine and Normative Perspectives Download simons_symposium_pp_719732.pdf

Thomas H. Koenig, Crimtorts:  A Cure for Hardening of the Categories Download koenig_symposium_pp_733781_revised.pdf

Michael L. Rustad, The Supreme Court and Me:  Trapped in Time with Punitive Damages Download rustad_symposium_pp_783833.pdf

Jeffrey O'Connell, The Large Cost Savings and Other Advantages of an Early Offers "Crimtorts" Approach to Medical Malpractice Claims Download oconnell_symposium_pp_835875_revised.pdf

Frank J. Vandall, Should Manufacturers and Sellers of Lethal Products Be Subject to Criminal Prosecution? Download vandall_symposium_pp_877891_revised.pdf

Byron G. Stier, Crimtorts, Class Actions, and the Emerging Mass Torts Method Download stier_symposium_pp_893925.pdf

Keith N. Hylton, A Theory of Wealth and Punitive Damages (Available through SSRN)

Sheila B. Scheuerman, The Road Not Taken:  Would Application of the Excessive Fines Clause to Punitive Damages have Made a Difference? (Available through SSRN)


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