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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"They'll figure out a way to hurt themselves."

So says the owner of a privately-held water park in Illinois:

How do you test your rides to ensure they're safe?

We ride 'em ourselves. When we are ready to fire up, my team and I will get in our fiberglass rides and feel every square inch to make sure there's nothing sharp, abrasive or that would snag a guest or a bathing suit. We wax the daylights out of our slides. Maintenance and safety are number one around here.

Do you have lawsuits filed against you?

We have petty lawsuits every year. People are very creative. No matter what we come up with, they'll figure out a way to hurt themselves.

You must carry a lot of insurance.

As the industry began to learn what privately owned water parks were all about, we began to see decreases in the annual premiums. The experience showed that a well-trained staff at a privately owned water park is approximately 100 times safer than a conventional swimming pool. Insurance is easy to get now. There's a lot of competition out there.


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All torts are pretextual and defeat personal responsibility. There is no evidence that low tort rate countries are more dangerous than high tort rates countries. There is plenty of evidence that low tort rate countries have higher economic growth rates.

The primary benefit of torts is the collection of the rent by lawyers. They also enrich providers who use the excuse of preventing litigation to gold plate their products or services with worthless additions. That is why providers do not just destroy the legal profession. Providers make more from torts induced goldplating than the lawyers do.

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