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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FDA Asks Congress for Money

As the New York Times reports, the FDA has asked Congress for an "immediate infusion of $275 million to ensure that imported foods, drugs and medical devices are safe."

Last week, Senator Herb Kohl, Democrat of Wisconsin, who is chairman of the Senate appropriations subcommittee with jurisdiction over the F.D.A., sponsored a measure that would provide the F.D.A. an additional $275 million this year as part of an emergency supplemental appropriations bill largely intended to finance the war in Iraq.

The supplemental bill may be the only way to provide additional financing to the F.D.A., since appropriations bills for next year are likely to stall.

Mr. Kohl’s measure mirrors [FDA Chief] Dr. von Eschenbach’s letter to Mr. Specter. Both call for $125 million to finance food safety activities; $100 million for medical product and drug safety activities; $40 million for modernizing F.D.A.’s science and work force; and $10 million to upgrade agency facilities and laboratories.


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