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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alcohol Death; Families Sue Drinker's Friends

Minnesota Public Radio's News Cut blog summarizes the sad case, and litigation aftermath, of Amanda Jax:

Where do we start with the sad case of Amanda Jax, the legal adult who drank herself to death on her birthday? Our time to discuss it intelligently is short. What's happened today is the stuff talk radio hosts dream of and once they awake, well, you know.

According to a story by MPR's Art Hughes, five of her friends are among those being sued by the Jax family. Their alleged crime? They, not Amanda, bought the drinks for her.

Local accounts indicate that her friends documented the evening of heavy drinking with photographs, including allegedly pictures of Jax, after she became unconscious.  The complaint (filed today) alleges that Jax had the equivalent of seventeen shots.

The family's lawsuit also names the bar that served Jax those shots.


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