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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is the Kentucky Kingdom Victim's Father Posting on an Amusement Park Enthusiast Forum?

So it seems.  In the actual forum, there's a first reference here, where he evidently sent a message to a member discussing the facts of the accident, and then he posts here:

I am not out "bashing" all parks, exept for the one who is hiring under educated children and putting them in positions of failure off the bat. Also, if MGMT is not doing their job, which is to lead and babysit, how can these places be safe? We are originally from Orlando Fl, and my daughter and I have been on coasters since she was 4 and have never once thought " Wow what if someone didn't check these rides". Why? Because Disney takes pride in their parks, they are not running around the world buying up a bunch of Real estate, they run Amusement Parks. And to be honest this is the first time I've posted in a forum about coasters. Just figured people like you enthusist deserved to know some right information. And as for the future, we are working with people and going to Congress to make sure this "ROLLER COASTER LOOPHOLE ACT" of 1981 is abolished completely. What an insane Gov't we have to allow something as a loophole to be involved with the safety of millions of your own people, let alone the huge amount of tourist that are in and out of these parks from around the world.

He continues to discuss the facts of the accident, including a discussion of the timeframe -- which, if he's right, suggests that one cable snapped while the ride was lifting, meaning that if the operator had been able to hit the emergency-stop button, the tragedy could have been avoided.  In a later post, he describes seeing the cable that broke:

Let me just say that when I personally went to KK with our lawyer and specialist we hired I was blown away by the condition of the cable. There was no place on the cable that didn't have splintering going on. I mean if I were to run my hands down the cable it would have been a bloody pulp after 10 feet. There is no way this cable deteriorated that much since it's "yearly" inspection in April by the Dept. Of Agri. So my point is that there are atleast 10 people directly responsible at that park and the two idiot inspectors from Ky.

On a broader subject, it's not unlike Flea's blogging during his own trial, is it?


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