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Monday, December 3, 2007

Well, That Warms Your Heart

We got our first significant snow here in western Massachusetts last night.  By morning, it was clear and pretty easy driving, so I drove our kids to school, only to find it darkened and closed.  WNEC, however, was open (rather than "Western New England College," some of my colleagues suggest that it stands for "We Never Ever close"), so I brought my kids with me.

During class, our wonderful admissions staff watched the kids and even gave them lollipops.  When I went down to pick them up, I heard that my daughter (who's 8) explained to the administrative assistant that if she scratched the inside of her mouth with the lollipop, "that would be a tort."


(And, yes, I did tell her that as a general matter there's no lawsuit without a defect of some sort, and she even knew to say that if she'd been using it wrong, she shouldn't be able to get money.)


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And if the scratch psychologically traumatized her and she could never eat candy again, what then?

Posted by: Eric @ New York Personal Injury Law Blog | Dec 3, 2007 12:10:24 PM

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