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Saturday, December 1, 2007

For the Torts Enthusiast...

As the holidays are approaching, don't forget to pick up gifts for your favorite torts lovers.  A couple of books that have caught my eye over the last week are Stephanie Mencimer's Blocking the Courthouse Door and Thomas Geoghegan's See You in Court:  How the Right Made America a Lawsuit Nation

Mencimer's book is a description of the tort reform movement and the players behind it, including an analysis of their next moves.  The Texas Observer has a review here.  Geoghegan's book is described by Adam Liptak of the NYT as a "sustained and engaged counterargument" to Philip Howard's 1995 book The Death of Common Sense.  Geoghegan blames conservatives for undermining the contracts that used to regulate more of society, leaving tort as the default option.  Liptak's review is here.


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I rebut the Geoghegan book on SSRN.

Posted by: Ted | Dec 1, 2007 7:45:48 AM

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