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Friday, December 7, 2007

Express A/R and Hot Wings

Several times a year, my colleagues and I like to have lunch at the Eagle Hotel in nearby Linglestown.  During my last visit, I was intrigued to see on the menu that anyone ordering "suicide hot wings" had to sign a "disclaimer."  I asked the waitress for a copy of the disclaimer, and she brought me a document that reads:

WARNING, SUDDEN DEATH sauce is extremely spicy.  I, __________, agree to hold the Eagle Hotel harmless.

I am purchasing Sudden death sauce at my own risk.  I further agree not to hold the Eagle Hotel liable for any adverse effects it may cause.

_________________________  (Signature)        ____/_____/_____    (Date)

Apparently, the wait staff really does require a signature before the wings are put on the table.  The waitress told me that the use of the disclaimer began as a joke.  However, she said, they soon felt more comfortable about serving the wings.


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