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Friday, December 7, 2007

Exam Tips

I am sure there are dozens or more of sites and posts offering tips on first-year exams.  But I suspect that none, save the one I wrote a few years ago for Legal Underground, includes a suggestion as to what kind of exam would have been turned in by Faulkner on methamphetamine:

Annie Operator muttered (‘Oh, Andy, Andy, you’ve fallen.  Andy!’) and she stood there just as she had for thirty-five years or perhaps three months and she thought, the straight line he traveled seemed quick and harmless but then the straight line intersected the uttermost curved wall and the lines were no longer far apart but together, too together. Annie, brooding, musing, drooling, thinking, feeling, knew she had duty and breach (‘After all, the burden was less than the expected value, but those are just words that sing in our ears.’) and damages and causation but was it both factual and legal? She did not know and she was afraid she had been tricked by words, words full of agony and song again. Now, where can I score some crank? That gackle-a fackle-a shit Howard Hawks got me was great.


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