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Friday, November 16, 2007

Most Cited Torts Scholars

Brian Leiter has posted the most cited scholars in a number of fields, including Torts and Products Liability:

1. Dan Dobbs (University of Arizona): 1100 citations, age 75.

2. Robert L. Rabin (Stanford University): 1090 citations, age 68.

3. Stephen Sugarman (University of California, Berkeley), 530 citations, age 65.

4. James Henderson, Jr. (Cornell University), 470 citations, age 69.

5. Kenneth Abraham (University of Virginia), 450 citations, age 61.

6. Michael D. Green (Wake Forest University), 400 citations, age 57.

7. David G. Owen (University of South Carolina), 380 citations, age 62.

8. Aaron Twerski (Brooklyn Law School), 370 citations, age 68.

9. William C. Powers, Jr. (University of Texas), 330 citations, age 61.

10. John C.P. Goldberg (Vanderbilt University), 300 citations, age 46.

Runners-up: Benjamin Zipursky (Fordham University), 260 citations; Jeffrey O’Connell (University of Virginia), 220 citations.

Other highly-cited scholars who don’t work exclusively in this area: Richard Epstein (University of Chicago), 3390 citations; W. Kip Viscusi (Vanderbilt University), 850 citations; Saul Levmore (University of Chicago), 740 citations; Jon Hanson (Harvard University), 480 citations; Keith Hylton (Boston University), 470 citations.


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