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Thursday, October 4, 2007

FDA Contemplates a New Category of Pharmaceutical

There's over-the-counter, prescription-only, and now, maybe, behind-the-counter.  Perhaps inspired in part by Barr Labs' Plan B (which is behind the counter and requires an ID to obtain), the FDA is thinking of carving out a new category of drugs.  From the WSJ story:

The agency said it wants input such issues as whether there should be a behind-the-counter status for certain drugs and whether the status should be a transitional way for prescription products to eventually move to over-the-counter status, where consumers can purchase products on store shelves. Other questions include the impact on patient safety and whether it would improve access to medications.

The agency said certain logistical questions would need to be addressed, including pharmacy storage and dispensing of the medications along with questions about whether and how pharmacists might be reimbursed.


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