Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cheating Husband's Suit Against Florist Dismissed

OnPoint reports that Judge Nancy F. Atlas of the S.D. of Texas has dismissed the suit filed by Leroy Greer against 1-800-Flowers for damages and "mental anguish" because the florist inadvertently disclosed Greer's extramarital affair to his wife.   (Prior post here).    Judge Atlas found that the company's terms of use included a valid forum selection clause designating New York courts as the proper forum.   A copy of the decision is available here.  According to OnPoint, Greer's attorney, Kennitra Foote, stated that they will re-file in New York "in the next couple weeks."

Stay tuned.

Thanks to Ted Frank at Overlawyered for the update.



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Sadly, this and future bits of the process won't appear in the German tabloids so happy to sell rags by fueling folklore about Americans.

Posted by: MollyB | Oct 20, 2007 12:08:13 AM

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