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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Toy Safety Hearing Report

The Times has its wrapup here.  Sounds like both the toy industry and the CPSC took their share of blame, and significant new regulations may be on the way:

[Senators] proposed a long list of legislative changes that go much further — including increased fines for selling or failing to report dangerous goods, and a prohibition, backed by possible criminal prosecution, against retailers selling recalled products.

* * *

Senators also called for a revamping of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, including giving it the power to ban lead in all children’s toys, funds to increase the number of inspectors at ports and compliance officers in the field, and providing better equipment and better staff for the testing laboratory.

The manufacturers represented support a mandate requiring independent testing of all toys.

As noted yesterday, Consumerist's live blog of the hearing is here.

And Slate has a story as well, understandably skeptical of the industry's new desire for regulation.


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