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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More 9/11 Suits Settle Week Before Trial

The New York Times reports that 14 more families have settled their suits against the airlines arising out of the 9/11 tragedy.   

Settlement talks continue, and more settlements could result before the first trial ever takes place, Mr. Migliori [a lawyer for the plaintiffs] said. But he said he expected that some families would refuse to settle and insist on a trial because they felt strongly that only a trial would bring the answers they wanted about how terrorists had bypassed security and managed to hijack four planes.

Although the court has barred parties to the settlements from talking about them or revealing how much money they received, Mr. Migliori said they felt vindicated by their decision to forgo the compensation fund.

As noted earlier, Judge Hellerstein had set a 9/24 trial date, with damages being tried before liability. The settlement, however, "means that the first trial is now scheduled to begin Nov. 5."  21 cases remain pending. 


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