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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yahoo! Seeks Dismissal of Alien Tort Claims Suit

As reported on Jurist and the Washington Post, Yahoo! filed a motion to dismiss a suit filed this past spring by the World Organization for Human Rights USA on behalf of two imprisoned Chinese democracy activists.  The suit alleges that Yahoo! aided and abetted the Chinese government's torture and abuse of the activists by providing Chinese officials with e-mail records and other information that helped the government identify pro-democracy activists. 

Yahoo acknowledged releasing personal user information about the writers to the Chinese government, but said it had to comply with the country's lawful request and therefore cannot be held liable.  [WaPo]. 

The suit brings claims under the Torture Victim Protection and the Alien Tort Claims Statute on behalf of two Chinese activists who used Yahoo's email service to distribute their work, and who are now serving 10 year-prison sentences. 


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