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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Washington Update: FDA Law Unlikely Before Recess

An update on what's happening - or not happening as the case may be - in Washington.  Earlier, Bill posted on the pending FDA bills.  The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire reports that the bill is unlikely to pass Congress - the House and Senate need to reconcile their competing bills - before the August recess.   As the WSJ reports:

The bill is unusually time-sensitive because it renews the FDA’s ability to collect fees from drug makers and device manufacturers that are needed to keep important agency operations running. The fee authority runs out at the end of the government’s fiscal year, Sept. 30. Lawmakers didn’t want to play it too close and force the agency to send out warnings to employees about possible layoffs.

But, it looks like that is what may happen.  Congress will have to deal quickly with the bill when it returns in September. 


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