Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Think There Are Too Many Frivolous Tort Suits? One Legislator's Solution: Cut Off Funding For Law School

As the National Law Journal (via Law.com) reports, a Wisconsin state legislator has a unique idea about how to change the legal system.  Frank Lasee, a Republican Wisconsin assemblyman, has introduced a bill to cut funding to the University of Wisconsin Law School.  The bill "would cut the law school's funding by $1 million this year and completely by 2010 -- or about 10 percent of the school's total funding."   

On his blog, Lasee states:

When a plague of locusts descends on your field, what do you do? Do you help them multiply? Subsidize them? That is UW system's policy.  When we have a known shortage of dentists, nurses and physical therapists and an overabundance of attorneys and never enough hard-earned tax dollars to go around, how would you prioritize?

Lasee's bill  passed the Wisconsin State Assembly, and the state's complete budget package is now in conference being reconciled with the state Senate's proposals.  Thomas Basting, president of the Wisconsin State Bar, believes that the bill "will be ignored by the conference committee, and life will go on as usual."   

Ann Althouse (who teaches at the University of Wisconsin Law School) has posted on the bill here and here



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If we eliminate lawyers completely, there will be a rash of default judgments in tort cases, because the plaintiffs are generally individuals who can appear pro se, whereas the defendants are typically corporations who cannot.

So the plan sounds fine to me.

Posted by: Peter Nordberg | Aug 7, 2007 6:52:02 PM

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