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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Floral Duty of Confidentiality?

As reported yesterday on The Today Show (and others), Leroy Greer has sued 1-800-Flowers for damages and "mental anguish" because the florist inadvertently disclosed Greer's extramarital affair to his wife.   According to The Today Show, the florist sent a thank-you for the order to Greer's home address.  When his wife received the thank-you - the couple was divorcing and Greer was not living at the house at the time - she called the florist to find out more.   The company then sent her  "a receipt and a copy of the note he sent with the flowers." 

According to the ABC story,

The receipt revealed that Greer had sent another woman a dozen long-stemmed red roses, along with a note that read, "Just wanted to say that I love you and you mean the world to me!" according to court documents.

The couple was already going through what Greer's attorney described as an amicable divorce.

After learning of the affair, Greer's wife asked for a $300,000 divorce settlement in addition to child support, said Kennitra Foote, Greer's attorney.

Greer is suing for $1.5 million in federal court in Texas.


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