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Monday, March 19, 2007

Torts & Presidential Politics: Clinton

Continuing the series of checking out presidential contenders' websites for any mention of tort reform or the like (previously: Obama and McCain, neither of whom said anything about it), today I wandered the website of the Hillary Clinton exploratory committee.  Like the others to date, it doesn't discuss tort issues as yet.

  • The "issues directory" of the blog has five posts, none torts-related.
  • The news release page doesn't have anything clearly torts-related.  The "Better Health Care Together" announcement addresses universal health care.
  • Google searches for "tort" or "malpractice" on the domains came up empty.
  • As I should have mentioned in my Obama post (and I'll go add it in a bit), I've previously noted both of them sponsoring a bill that attempts to encourage apologies and remedial measures after medical mistakes.

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