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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Science & Law

Apologies for the slightly below-average post counts lately -- I'm presenting at this DRI conference next week and it's taking some of my time that I might otherwise be doing this.  (Especially since I'm immediately after lunch on the second day of the conference.  I might be well-served by using actual fireworks to keep folks awake.)

Speaking of that, though, (a) if any readers will be there and want to say howdy, please do (or send me an e-mail), and (b) if any readers have good recent examples of (1) litigation-driven scholarship or (2) discovery into the peer review process, I'd love to hear about those too.  I have good ones, but it's always nice to have the most recent ones.  I'm also considering including some discussion about the expansion of the scope of what gets deemed expert testimony -- e.g., historians testifying as to a chronology of events (which sounds more like closing argument to me), so if anyone has a good recent example of that at hand, send it along.

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